Relationship to Cera and KBC

The close relationship between BRS, Cera and KBC provides interesting cross-pollination and the exchange of know-how in the areas of finance, cooperative companies and the South. 

Cera and BRS, a genuine cooperation 

BRS was formed within the Cera cooperative. Cera is happy to exchange its cooperative knowledge and experience. With us, but also with our partners in the South. As a social investor, Cera is responsible for providing BRS with practical support. In addition, Cera can count on the loyal support of many of its members. Cera expresses cooperative values in its unique, contemporary approach. In the social projects the organisation supports, it strives for cooperation, solidarity and respect for all. BRS fits in perfectly with this vision. 

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KBC, experienced partner

KBC contributes its expertise in banking and insurance. A number of KBC employees are active as advisers to BRS. They provide incredible added value. The fact that they do this partly in their private time is testament to their belief in the power of the cooperative. 

KBC wants not only to do business, but also to be rooted in the core of society and make a difference. KBC supports sustainable initiatives, small-scale and large-scale, locally and elsewhere in the world. The financial support for BRS is a logical consequence of this. They co-founded BRS Microfinance Coop. 
Many KBC employees are fully immersed in the BRS spirit. They organise activities for the benefit of BRS and share their knowledge on a voluntary basis, both with BRS employees in the North and with our Southern partners. 

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