Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

AMC - El Salvador

Region: Latin America
Country: El Salvador
Partner: Trias
Type: Microfinance
Duration: 3 years
Budget: 120.000 euros

Strengthening of the AMC cooperative microfinance institution (El Salvador)

With a view to its continued expansion, the AMC microfinance institution (MFI) has decided to transform itself into a regulated company under the Act of Cooperative Banks and Savings and Credit Companies.

AMC is embedded in a very broad and strong social movement (Adel Morazan) that guarantees the social mission of this MFI (development of micro and small enterprises, emancipation of women, development of professional associations, social inclusion, etc.).

AMC is a rather solid MFI that has largely achieved its operational independence, but which must cope in particular with a number of growth problems.

It has 18 agencies spread throughout the country and 167 employees.

Number of clients: 12 000, 57% of whom are women.

BRS will support and guide AMC over the next 3 years with coaching and advice concerning savings products, risk management, internal audit and internal control.


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