Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South



Country: Cameroon
Partner: Trias

In Cameroon, BRS works directly with CamCCUL, an umbrella organisation of more than 200 savings and credit cooperations. CamCCUL (Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League) supports its member


Country: RD Congo
Partner: Trias

Access to health care is one of the major challenges for low-income people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Facilities are limited and costs are high. The CGAT (Centre des Risques et

CIF Assurances Vie Burkina

Country: Burkina Faso
Partner: Africa

CIF Vie is a microinsurance company in Burkina Faso. After their start-up in 2014, they have grown rapidly and it is now a solid organization with over 200,000 customers. CIF Vie Burkina currently


Country: Uganda
Partner: Trias

Just like everywhere else in the world, microfinancing is available most easily in the cities of Uganda. A microfinancing institution has a harder time turning itself into a successful enterprise in


Country: Africa
Partner: ADA

Microfinance organisations get a better insight into their financial situation thanks to the combined support of training and technical assistance. BRS, in close collaboration with its partners ADA,

Rural banks

Country: Ghana
Partner: Africa

A number of rural banks are active in Northern Ghana. With local businesses and the government as shareholders, they offer local financing, including to poorer farmers. In 2005, BRS committed


Country: Rwanda
Partner: Africa

The first contacts of the BRS with Duterimbere took place in 2003, when the BRS participated in the elaboration of the strategic plan of the NGO Duterimbere. During this period, NGO financial


Country: Togo
Partner: Louvain Coopération

Strengthening the savings and credit operation of UCMECS for farmers' groups in North Togo in collaboration with Louvain Coopération. This project is located in the dry savannah region of