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Our own tools

Simple and unique tools.
We are quite proud of them actually: our fact sheets. 

A fact is a fact, but what is a fact sheet? 

Below is a brief explanation of the “fact sheet” concept for those who are not familiar with it.

A fact sheet is an Excel file in which figures about the financial performance of an organisation are gathered and processed.

All the possible data are entered in this sheet based on the financial report. The fact sheet then computes the evolution of the most important data and presents them in clear charts.

As a result, microfinance and microinsurance institutions can easily gain a clear overview of the most important financial data of their organisation and their evolution and correlations. 

Microfinance fact sheet

This Excel tool analyses the financial performance of a microfinance institution.

Based on the data of the financial report, the fact sheet computes the evolution of the most important indicators and presents them in clear charts.

The document can be used for reports and as a foundation for mapping policy.

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Factsheet compiler

This is not one fact sheet but a database, which bundles several different fact sheets.

This tool enables the user to import, edit and group fact sheets.

The fact sheet compiler is especially practical for larger organisations or for institutions which serve as an umbrella organisation for several smaller organisations.

They can import, edit and compare the various fact sheets of all their organisations in this fact sheet compiler.

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Microinsurance fact sheet

Although this Excel tool starts from a similar principle, it was developed in a different way.

The fact sheet for microinsurance organisations comprises and processes all the possible data of the financial reports of microinsurers.

Based on these data the fact sheet calculates the ten most important indicators for the microinsurance sector.

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Own design

BRS developed this pioneering and highly practical tool for measuring and presenting the financial performance of organisations together with its partners ADA en Incofin.

We were able to rely on the knowledge and efforts of KBC experts for this.

The fact sheets have been designed for microfinance and microinsurance organisations.

They are also used by the partners of these organisations: funders, donors and networks.

450 microfinance and microinsurance organisations worldwide rely on our tools.