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Performance management: the story behind the figures

Every microfinance and microinsurance institution gathers figures about its organisational performance.

But what exactly do these figures tell us about the organisation’s performance?

BRS helps microfinance and microinsurance organisations better understand their performance with

Performance management for microfinance

Together with the Luxembourg organisation ADA BRS created a training for microfinance organisations about performance indicators: figures which tell us more about an organisation’s financial health.

The training is designed for the managers of microfinance organisations.

During this training they learn to look at the story behind the figures of their organisation.

  • How viable is the organisation as a whole?
  • What are its weaknesses? What are its strengths?
  • What is the quality of the credit portfolio?
  • Does the policy need to be adapted and if so, where?

The emphasis is on practice: the participants learn how to read and interpret the performance indicators themselves using the figures of their own microfinance organisation.

This enables them to immediately translate the story behind the figures into an adapted policy for their own organisation.

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Performance management for microinsurance

Microinsurers also request support for the analysis and interpretation of their figures.

Together with ADAGIZ en Micro Insurance Network BRS developed an interactive training about performance indicators for microinsurance institutions.

The participants set to work with the figures of their own organisation. A practice-oriented approach which guarantees an interesting training and gives rise to instructive and interesting discussions.

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Performance what?!

For anyone who is stunned by so much performance, here is a brief explanation.

Performance indicators are the figures of a company or organisation and indicate how well the organisation is doing.

They include all possible figures (accounts, the credit portfolios, the number of clients and even repayment terms) and indicate how the organisation is doing financially.

They are used to measure and check an organisation’s financial health and to chart future policy.

It is relatively simple to compute these financial indicators. This can even be done automatically with the factsheets which BRS developed for microfinance and microinsurance institutions.

But you need specific skills to read and correctly interpret these performance indicators.

That is why BRS helps microfinance and microinsurance organisations by providing a performance management training.

European Microfinance Programme

Anyone who wishes to specialise in microfinance and microinsurance can attend the European Microfinance Programme at the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

This leads to a Master’s degree in Microfinance.

BRS is in charge of the module on financial indicators, reaching forty students from all over the world every year.

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