Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

through grants

Grants - The power to be self-sufficient

BRS mainly gives support to microfinance and microinsurance organisations that are not solid enough to fund their own growth quite yet but which can pay their operational costs.

This means that our partners’ financial independence is an important criterion for granting funds.


Based on our examination of the financial independence of microfinance and microinsurance institutions we have identified three levels:

Level 1
organisations that are not capable of funding their own operational costs yet. They depend on external support.

Level 2
organisations that can fund their own operational costs but which require external financial support to be able to invest and grow.

Level 3
organisations that are sufficiently solvent to be able to fund their own operations and growth. They have their own resources for this or can rely on commercial financial circuits that invest in them.

BRS mainly concentrates on those microfinance and microinsurance institutions which are situated in the transition between level 1 and level 2.

These organisations are on the verge of financial independence but can still use some support.

Why do we support self-sufficient organisations?

Because we are convinced that microfinance and microinsurance organisations can realise their social objectives if they are sufficiently solid from an economic point of view and are financially independent.

These organisations can only survive and continue their work if they have a sound financial basis. This is the only way that they can provide poor people with the resources to invest in their own future in a reliable and sustainable manner.

The organisations that we support financially have already proven their worth. They can grow with BRS’s support, which usually lasts for three years, and in the long term they will be able to fund their activities themselves

One euro is worth four!

Thanks to our collaboration with Belgian and international non-governmental organisations (ngo's) each BRS investment yields a return that can be up to four times higher than the original investment.

This is because NGOs - and we through them - can make use of an important financial lever:

for each euro which BRS invests, the Belgian or European authorities will invest a multiple of that amount.

So, for example, our grant of half a million euros will at the end of the day become an investment of more than two million euros.

What an amazing leverage!