Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

Tailor made advice

BRS's biggest asset is the specialised advice it provides.

A slice of life

February 2010. Three volunteers of the BRS Institute visited MUDEF, a savings and credit institution for female entrepreneurs in Cameroon.

Our report about their visit shows what tailor-made advice involves in practice.

Committed experts

BRS can count on the enthusiastic commitment of expert volunteers, each with his or her own specialisation, for this tailor-made advice.

  • We can rely on the passionate and dedicated members of the BRS Institute.

    Experienced bankers who - after their active career - provide advice and help to our partners in the South for the development of microfinance and microinsurance products.
  • A great many KBC employees also volunteer at BRS, each offering his or her own expertise: accounting, IT, etc.
    Our KBC colleagues search for a solution based on their own field of expertise. Under the KBC4BRS banner they make available their time, know-how and experience to optimise the operations of microfinance and microinsurance institutions

Real-life stories

Thanks to the efforts and input of many committed experts, we are able to offer our partners expert and practice-oriented tailor-made advice.

Some examples.

Hurrah for ICT!

CamCCUL (Cameroun Credit Union League) is a federation of savings and credit cooperatives with over 300,000 members.

CamCCUL's IT team can rely on the expert advice of specialised KBC employees for the computerisation programme of its 55 branches. They closely monitor the computerisation process and provide help and advice to their colleagues.

This video report follows our KBC colleagues and the computers which KBC donated to CamCCUL - via Close the Gap.


Recovery plan

The members of U-CMECS, a federation of savings and credit operations in North Togo, are mostly farmers. As a result of successive setbacks in the agricultural sector, the savings and credit cooperatives are experiencing difficulties.

A volunteer of the BRS Institute and a member of the BRS team travelled to Togo to develop a recovery plan, together with U-CMECS and the other partners.

Helping organisation realise their ambitions

Muscco, the federation of savings and credit cooperatives in Malawi, has ambitious plans in terms of microinsurance. The umbrella organisation wishes to organise its life insurance, coupled with savings and credit products, in a separate insurance company. Aside from this the federation also wishes to extend its product range.

Two KBC colleagues critically reviewed the savings operations and advised Muscco about the next steps.

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