Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South


BRS stands for two organisations under one roof: BRS ASBL and BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL.

BRS ASBL works together with partners in the South to improve the quality of life of the poorer population sustainably. BRS ASBL provides support not only with money but above all with advice and training for employees of the local microfinance institutions (MFIs).

BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL is a Development Fund that offers its members the opportunity to invest jointly in MFIs in the South. BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL is a joint initiative of BRS ASBL, Cera SCRL and KBC Bank SA. The objective of this company is to invest in MFIs in the South that offer financial services in a professional manner to the poorer population.

Due to the nature of the service provided to the members of BRS ASBL or of BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL, BRS ASBL / BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL has certain personal data at its disposal. BRS ASBL / BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL considers it important that its services are personal, straightforward and reliable. BRS ASBL / BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL is thus continually looking for ways to improve these and to tailor them as much as possible to the personal needs of its members.

That is why BRS ASBL / BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL likes to inform its members personally and when it is relevant to them. This information can be about current issues of BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL shares, newsletters or offers of interest in connection with BRS activities, which may or may not be tailored to the members.

Given the inextricable interrelationship between the Development Fund BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL and Cera SCRL, the personal data of the members are mutually exchanged. Since the data are grouped per person across both organisations, you may also receive information about Cera SCRL (activities, current share issues, etc.).

In this privacy statement (), BRS ASBL / BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL has outlined for you how it handles your personal data. In it, you can read which of your personal data BRS ASBL / BRS Microfinance Coop SCRL processes and what influence you can exert on this yourself. This privacy statement is made up of several chapters.