Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

Our Partners

Microfinance and microinsurance in the South involves partnerships. Because we can achieve so much more together.

BRS works together with companies, organisations and networks that share our vision: to give people in the South who are prepared to take action to improve their lives themselves opportunities in a respectful manner.

Thanks to the dedicated support of our structural partners, our project partners and the networks to which we belong, we can do more.

Cera and KBC, structural partners

Cera and KBC are our structural partners.


“Investing together in welfare and prosperity.” Cera stays true to this principle by providing support to BRS.

Partner Cera


Contributing to society. That is what KBC does and wants to do, among other things through BRS.

Partner KBC

Project partners

Louvain Coopération

A Belgian NGO.
Focuses on healthcare, food security and economic security.

Visit the website of Louvain Coopération


Wereldsolidariteit stands 100% behind the idea that ‘people are stronger together’. It’s our motto, the very reason we exist. Our ultimate purpose is to promote decent work for people across the globe so that they are afforded a better life.

To achieve this Wereldsolidariteit provides support to around 80 organisations in 24 countries in the South. Together with an extensive network of organisations in Belgium, Wereldsolidariteit stages campaigns in Belgium to support programmes in the South.

Visit the website of Wereldsolidariteit

SOS Faim

SOS Faim is a Belgian NGO that combats hunger and poverty in the rural areas of Africa and Latin America. It primarily supports farmers’ organisations and microfinance institutions in the South and pursues an awareness-raising policy in the North to reduce hunger and poverty in developing countries.

Visit the website of SOS Faim


Trias promotes subsistence protection and active participation of small-scale entrepreneurs and family-owned farms in the local economic development processes in a sustainable manner.
In Flanders, Trias contributes to a greater public awareness among its partner movements of the relationships between the North and South

Visit the website of Trias

Other partners


A Luxembourg NGO
Specialises in microfinance.

Visit the website of ADA


A cooperative society which invests in microfinance institutions and associations of fair trade producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Visit the website of Alterfin


A cooperative investment company.
Invests among other things in microfinance institutions in rural areas, above all in Africa.

Visit the website of Incofin


Belgisch Technische Coöperatie (Belgian Development Agency).
Organises training for aspiring development-aid workers, among other things about microfinance.

Visit the website of BTC

Close The Gap

A Belgian organisation which gives retired IT equipment a new lease of life in the South.

Visit the website of Close The Gap


European Microfinance Program.
International Master’s degree in microfinance at the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

Visit the website of EMP



Micro Assurance Santé/Mutuelles de Santé.
A federation of Belgian organisations and institutions which help fund health care in the South.

Visit the website of Masmut

Micro Insurance Network

Micro Insurance Network.
A worldwide network of organisations which promote and develop microinsurance systems.

Visit the website of Micro Insurance Network


European Microfinance Platform.
Promotes the initiatives of its members and their mutual collaboration.

Visit the website of E-MFP

The Smart Campaign

International campaign promoting the introduction of client protection in microfinance and microinsurance organisations.

Visit the website of The Smart Campaign

The Shift

The Shift is the Belgian meeting point for sustainability. We bring together some 350 companies, NGOs and other organisations to stimulate partnerships and help co-create sustainable business models.

Visit the website of The Shift