Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South



KBC wishes to contribute to society which is why it provides support to small and big projects which improve our society. BRS plays a special role in this regard.

KBC and BRS: structural and much appreciated partners

As an enterprise KBC wants to be at the heart of our society. The group’s commitment extends beyond merely doing business. This is why KBS supports various large-scale and small-scale projects which improve our society. KBC is also strongly committed to helping underprivileged people in the South.

As a banking and insurance company we translate this involvement into a commitment to microfinance and insurance projects in Africa and South America. BRS plays a special role in this regard. KBC offers BRS financial support and expertise. 

What appeals in particular to KBC about BRS:
• the connection with our specialisation as a banking and insurance company,
• and a strong appeal to personal commitment and voluntary work.

We recognise a unique, small-scale, honest way of working in the BRS projects. We are able to contribute our own specialist experience and our know-how (however modest this may be). It also helps us to develop a broader vision of the world, to learn to identify other values in, and in addition to, our work as a banking or insurance company. And vice-versa, thanks to this partnership with the KBC group, BRS has access to a valuable source of knowledge in banking and insurance.

The partnership between KBC and BRS consists of:

the personnel volunteer association'KBC steunt BRS' 
'KBC steunt BRS' is made up of enthusiastic KBC staff who hold BRS close to their heart. This is a personnel volunteer association within KBC where colleagues unite around their common sympathy for what BRS represents. This personnel volunteer association generates awareness among the staff about BRS activities and organises different benefit campaigns on behalf of BRS.

the BRS-Instituut 
BRS-Instituut is made up of retired employees of KBC who make their expertise and experience available on a voluntary basis for BRS projects in the South.

In the “KBC4BRS” project, KBC commits itself to making the equivalent of two full-time employees available on an annual basis. This is provided in the form of consulting and contributions on the part of currently employed KBC employees. These KBC employees carry out the assignments 50% during working hours and 50% in their own private time.

• KBC is represented on the BRS Board of Directors: two directors representing KBC, and two directors representing the “KBC supports BRS” personnel volunteer association

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