Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

KBC supports BRS

What is KBC steunt BRS?

'KBC steunt BRS' is made up of enthusiastic KBC employees who hold BRS close to their heart. An employee group within KBC therefore where colleagues meet up around their common sympathy for our enterprise and what we are doing.

And what’s more: they transform this sympathy into action!

What does KBC steunt BRS?

'KBC steunt BRS' raises awareness among employees of KBC about microfinance and microinsurance, the form of cooperative banking and insurance that BRS supports in the South.

How do they do this?

  • By informing colleagues about the problems in the South and about cooperative banking and insurance as a solution to these problems.
  • By organising events: a tombola, a quiz, etc. - exciting activities that bring people together, the proceeds of which go to BRS.
  • By launching all kinds of campaigns from raising money to departments adopting a project.

Would you like to participate?

You can!

As an employee of KBC you will find all the information about “KBC supports BRS” and how you can work with it on the Intranet.