Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

BRS Members

They hold BRS close to their hearts, we hold them close to our heart.
Our members are our own supporters, completely in accordance with cooperative principles.

Our followers

Who are our members?

• Cera partners
• KBC employees
• other sympathisers 

Everyone who is interested in what we do and who wants to follow our activities can become a member free of charge.

Keep in touch

You like to stay in touch with people who are important for you.
This is why we don’t just keep our members informed, but we also like to meet them.

How do we make contact with our members?

  • We inform our members about BRS and changes in the BRS landscape of microfinance via our website and our members magazine, the BRS-newsletter informeren.
  • We organize training courses for people who want to go deeper into the content.
  • And for anyone who wants to get a close flavour and experience of what we do, we organise introductory journeys.
  • BRS evenings provide professional speakers, current information and lively discussions. This is where members, volunteers and the team can all meet up.

More about the activities for our members